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Schedule your FREE LASIK Eye Exam Today:

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If you're considering LASIK Laser Eye Surgery:

Selecting a top-tier LASIK surgeon is your first and most important step. Dr. Craig S. Bindi is trusted by over 100 NFL Players & coaches and is team ophthalmologist for the Raiders.

Schedule your Free LASIK eye exam
During your exam, Dr. Craig S. Bindi will personally meet with you to determine if LASIK is right for you and explain your best and safest option.

Get the facts about LASIK
LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness
and astigmatism. Learn how our best-in-class technology
is tailored to your unique vision measurements.

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Our best referrals
are from our patients.

Read what actual patients say about their LASIK experience and why they chose Laser Eye Center.

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Our FREE LASIK Eye Exam is the most precise eye exam you've ever had. It only takes one hour to determine if you are a LASIK candidate, and it's FREE!

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Learn more about laser vision correction
and the newest laser technology that allows more patients than ever to be candidates for LASIK.